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When looking to place a NFL First Half Bet, USA Players is here to help you out and connect you to some of the most trusted USA Online Sportsbooks. A NFL First Half bet is placed before the game and only deals with the outcome of the first half of the football game. Betting on the first half of an NFL game is a great way to get in on the action. There are some definite advantages to betting on only the first half of NFL games. If you are looking to bet on a team that is favored in an NFL game, then placing a First Half NFL Bet may be the way to go. As opposed to betting on the entire game, you can take out the chance that the favored team will fail to cover the point spread by betting only on the first half of the game. This could happen by getting a large lead early in the game. by only betting on the first half of the game you will take out the chance that the favored team will fail to cover the point spread because of getting out to a large lead early in the game. If the team gets a big lead in the first half of the game, you could use this bet to avoid having to risk them resting players late in the game, potentially causing them to lose the lead and, subsequently, the game.

In order to win a First Half NFL Bet, you must first select a team on which you will bet. They must then cover whatever the bet line calls for. For example, consider the following - the Patriots are hosting the Bills and the Patriots might be a 12 point favorite for the game. The first half betting line may have them as 6 point favorites. If you take this first half bet and the Patriots are up by 10 points at halftime, then you will have won your bet since they covered the 6 point first half spread. Say New England started the second half strong, then decided to play some back ups, giving up a late, second half touch down. They may have ended up winning the game by only ten points which would not have covered the spread for the game. In this instance, you can see how betting on the first half line won you your bet, even though you would have lost had you bet on the entire game.

Betting on just the first half of the game gives you a chance to eliminate factors late in a game which may prevent you from winning your bet. Before the game, simply take a look at the NFL First Half Betting Odds and choose which team will cover the first half spread. If the team you bet on covers the first half betting line, then you will win your bet no matter what happens in the second half of the game. If the team is listed at -6 for the first half, and they are up by exactly 6 points at halftime, then your bet will be a push. This means that you will not win or lose your bet and your money will be returned.

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