MLB 5 Inning Betting Lines And Odds Online Sportsbooks MLB Baseball Betting Odds

MLB baseball is a sport that hosts maybe the most betting options out of all 4 major American sports. With over 162 games a year baseball fans can wager on games almost daily. One of the most intriguing new forms of wagers to place during a baseball game is using MLB 5 inning betting lines and odds. Online sportsbook players who love to bet on baseball but can't stand to watch the last 4 innings when their team has the lead can now bet on just the first 5 innings. That's right only the first 5 innings of the baseball game determine if you will loose or win the wager. Lots of times throughout the season baseball teams play well in the first half of the game but can't seem to find a way to close out a lead in the last 4 innings.

That's why USA Online Sportsbooks have instituted this new method of gambling allowing players the ability to focus only on the first 5 innings of the baseball match when deciding which team to select. Just like in normal full length baseball wagers an online sportsbook player can select a team to win the game by a point spread or even straight up in a 5 inning bet. Also over and under wagers are excepted for 5 inning bets as well, making baseball wagers that much more fun to play.

We at USA players like to focus on pitching match ups when placing MLB baseball 5 inning wagers. If you know an ace pitcher is pitching against a semi-par baseball team than taking that ace pitcher to pitch 5 shutout innings is a smart bet. Often times teams can blow leads with bad bull pen pitching but, 5 inning MLB baseball bets avoids hoping the bull pen can hold onto the lead. Most betting odds stay the same in a 5 inning baseball bet so don't think it's a less lucrative bet than a full 9 inning wager. An online sportsbook player can also play teasers and parlays in a 5 inning baseball wager.

Best Sportsbooks For Betting MLB 5 Inning Lines

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