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College football has long been one of America's most coveted sporting events. Now on weekends, instead of yelling at the television and begging your team to kick one more unnecessary field goal at the end of the game to cover a point spread, players can bet on props bets. College football team props bets allow players to place bets on college football games with out worrying about the outcome of the final score. USA Online Sportsbooks all over offer all types of team prop bets such as which team will win the coin toss at the start of the game, which defense will accumulate the most sacks at the end of the game, and other similar occurrences. Prop bets are a fun way to stay entertained with a college football game that doesn't involve your favorite team.

College football team prop bets are fun, yet hard to predict, as past knowledge of a football team or rivalry may not play a factor in determining the outcome of that team prop bet. At times it is in the player's favor to think of prop bets as a method of entertainment and not always as bet that produces a successful pay out. When placing prop bets, we often like to consider outside factors more than on the field play as a tool of predicting the outcome. Match up records and team injuries are in many cases stronger factors to add in rather than a team's winning streak or home field record.

For instance, the winner of the coin toss gains possession of the football first, giving that team more of a chance to score the first points of the football game. The ability of the offense does not matter if that teams offense doesn't get on the field before the first score. So when placing college football team prop bets, try to have a good time and enjoy the bet as apposed to thinking every prop bet is a for sure pay out. Pay outs for props bets do, however, come with heavy odds and are often a good opportunity for a high reward with little risk.

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