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One of the most fun type of bets to place a wager on are Celebrity Props. Many people get tired of betting on the same old sporting events all the time. All of the best and most reputable USA Online Sportsbooks offer celebrity prop betting, which gives you a chance to step out the box and win some cash by betting on your favorite celebrities. These types of bets allow to bet on all sorts of things dealing with Hollywood celebrities. One type of bet offered is which celebrity couple will be the next to get a divorce. Where else can you win some money predicting what couple be the first to split up? Some of the odds associated with this type of bet has couples giving odds from 1.5:1 all the way up to 9:1. Just place your wager then kick back and enjoy all of the celebrity drama.

Celebrity Props Lines also allow to place a wager on which celebrity will be the next to get a DUI. This type of bet will list a group of celebrities and have betting odds listed for each of them on being the first to get a DUI. Many people would get a kick out of winning some cash off of a bet like this. Celebrity Prop Betting Lines also allow you to wager on what will happen next for a certain celebrity. One prop bet offered was what will Lindsey Lohan do next. A few of the prop bets offered were whether she will date a male or female next, whether she will enter rehab, whether she will record an album, or whether she will pose for Playboy. Being able to win some money on fun prop bets like these can be a really fun way to make some cash.

No matter what type of Celebrity Props Betting Odds you wager on, you will have a blast when placing these fun bets. Some people think that you can only win money betting on sporting events, but that is definitely not the case. Place a wager on a celebrity prop being offered and see how much cash you can win by betting on the Hollywood celebrities. For a nice change of pace from your normal betting routine, give celebrity prop betting a try to see how fun it can be to get in on the celebrity prop betting action.

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BetED is known for having some of the best Celebrity Props Lines around. They have a helpful English speaking customer service team which is always ready to assist you with any issues you may have. With a 15% initial deposit bonus, BetED gives you plenty of reasons to check out their sportsbook. Whether you want to place a money line wager on your favorite NBA team or place a five team parlay on the NFL, BetED will have you covered. Visit BetED