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The sport of baseball offers players the chance to place wagers in all types of formats, as well as the chance to place wagers on MLB baseball betting lines on a daily basis as every team plays 162 games a season. With 30 total teams in MLB baseball, players have opportunities to place wagers on up to 12 and even sometimes 15 individual games each day. When placing a bet on MLB baseball online sports books offer two types of bets either a straight up bet meaning you want the team you selected to win the baseball game out right.

The other type of method for betting on individual MLB baseball games is to take what sports fans call a point spread or a game line. A point spread or game line is when a player selects a baseball team to win by a certain amount of runs at the end of the game. Most USA Online Sportsbooks will keep the point spread at -1.5 runs or +1.5 runs. This means that a player can either pick the under dog to win with a 1.5 run advantage, meaning if that team loose by 1 run the team still covers the bet by  .5 (half) of a run. If a player decides to select the favorite team to win at -1.5, this means that team must win the baseball game by at least 2 runs to cover the point spread of 1.5 runs.

Selecting one of the MLB betting lines comes with lucrative payouts. Selecting a point spread over a straight up bet will always pay out more money on a winning wager. So don't be afraid to take a little risk with a MLB baseball point spread wager as the reward is always greater. Another great game line in MLB baseball is the over and under. A sportsbook will set a total of lets say 10 runs on a game, the combined number of runs for both teams in this game will either be over that 10 run total or under at the end of the game. Your choice as a sportsbook player is to select either the over or under, these bets are a fun way to stay in tuned to a MLB baseball game without worrying which individual team will when the game, only the total out come of the final score matter in over and under bets.

Best Sports Betting Sites For MLB Betting Lines

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