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College basketball offers some of the most exciting prop Bets on the sportsbook market. With over 100 NCAA college basketball teams to wager on, College Basketball Prop Bets are some of the most ridiculous yet fun wagers to place during the college basketball season. Prop bets are a thrilling way to place sports wagers on college basketball games without depending on the final score to determine a winning wager. Often times when placing sports wagers players tend to worry about the final score of the game as most bets take the final score into consideration.

However with college basketball prop bettin lines and odds, certain prop bets can consist of options including which player will make the first 3 point shot of the game or, what team will hit more three point shots in the first half only. These types of bets are fun to play, especially if all you do is place point spread wagers or parlays on a regular basis. A wager that does not concern the total score is always an interesting way to stay entertained in a college basketball.

College basketball props can come with some lucrative pay outs on occasion. Just remember that prop bets are intended to entertain and add a new style of play for the sportsbook player to wager on. Prop Bets do not always have a high success of pay out at USA Online Sportsbooks and on some occasions prop bets can become canceled if a minimum or a player does not play in the particular selected game. Prop bets are a good way to bet on your favorite team to win a wager if you know they can't when the game in the scoring column.

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