Online Bingo

Over recent years, Online Bingo has become more popular. Online bingo is just like land based bingo, with the exception that everything is handled by a computer rather than by a human. Online bingo carries the convenience of not having to leave your home, instead players can get into the games without getting off the computer or out of a chair. Play can take place with both real money and free play, so you can either win real cash or win credits.

Online bingo has become as popular as it is due to the simplicity of the games. With the incorporation of real money play into the world of online bingo, its popularity has increased even further. We have found many online gambling sites that allow bingo, and our main goal is to help our readers find what they need to know in order to play Cyber Bingo. Ranging from a bingo glossary to a brief history of bingo, we have managed to collect a great amount of information to share with our readers. We have even offered up an online bingo guide that will help you see some of the differences between live, land based bingo gaming and online bingo gaming.

We have gone beyond these basics in order to find even more information pertaining to On Line Bingo. We have also taken the time to deposit into and play through some of the better bingo halls out there, so we can show our readers the best bingo halls available online. We have monitored funding methods, deposit bonuses, and even the software provided by the different online bingo halls. No stone was left uncovered, and we promise you that there is no better location for bingo than the different sites we have found.

Online Bingo Bonuses

If you are unaware of the free money available through the online bingo halls, then you are definitely missing out. We have documented some of the best Online Bingo Bonuses in order to show our players what is at hand. Bonuses can be totally free money or they can be match bonuses based on a percentage of your deposit. We have explored every type of bonus to be found through a bingo hall, so if you are confused about the prospect of free bingo money, then refer to the USA bingo bonuses. This is something you will want to look into before you join any of the USA Online Bingo halls.

Free Bingo Bonuses

The best bingo bonuses are Free Bingo Bonuses. Simply put, get money for free just for making a new account and contacting the cashier. While these bonuses aren't going to make you rich, it will get you started with that online bingo site.

Bingo Sign Up Bonuses

Unlike the other bonuses you get just for signing up, the real Bingo Sign Up Bonuses are special deposit promotions extended to new players upon signing up. These can be worth some serious money as long as they're taken advantage of.

Bingo Promotions

Bingo Promotions aren't like free bonuses nor sign up bonuses. In fact, promotions from Bingo Rooms sometimes have nothing to do with money at all. Promotions can be bonuses but more often than not they can be merchandise and trips to exotic locales.

No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

Essentially, No Deposit Bingo Bonuses are just like the free version but they further reinforce the fact that no deposit is needed whatsoever. Basically, all you do is sign up for a new account and then contact customer service and they'll credit your account with the bonus.

Online Bingo Deposit Methods

Funding your account is of key importance. After all, how can one win prizes if there is no money in the bingo account? There are many channels available to put money in your bingo account, and we have explored each of these options in order to teach players how to get money from their personal accounts to their bingo account. Ranging from credit cards to e-wallets, depositing is simplified once you know what Bingo Deposit Methods you are dealing with.

Credit Card Bingo Deposits

Credit Card Bingo Deposits are the most common form used period. It just doesn't get any easier than registering and then adding in your credit card information in order to make quick, easy, seamless deposits with the bingo site of your choice. Several different credit cards are generally accepted whenever playing at a bingo room taking credit card deposits so you should have some pretty good options.

American Express Bingo Deposits

American Express Bingo Deposits work great for those who currently are a member of the exclusive group of AmEx card holders. American Express is a charge card meaning that the balance must be paid off at the end of the month. Other than that, American Express has a high acceptance rate meaning you won't often be let down.

Mastercard Bingo Deposits

Mastercard Bingo Deposits are exactly how they sound... bingo deposits made using a Mastercard as opposed to VISA or some other credit card. Mastercard deposits allow for instantaneous play as deposits are credited very quickly. Mastercard does sometimes get declined for U.S. bingo deposits, for those people, perhaps try an ewallet instead.

eWalletXpress Bingo Deposits

eWalletXpress Bingo Deposits are the best choice for anyone who is having trouble getting their credit cards, Mastercard or American Express to work. eWalletXpress is an ewallet which has an impeccable record for great customer service, speedy transactions, as well as being safe and secure. There is nothing to lose with eWalletXpress.

UseMyWallet Bingo Deposits

UseMyWallet Bingo Deposits are a little more difficult than traditional ewallet deposits. The reason behind this is because you will actually need to obtain an invitation before UseMyWallet will let you become a member. This helps keep fraudulent activities down further keeping you safe. All you need to worry about is which bingo site you want to play.

Online Bingo Games

Playing online bingo will allow access to a wide variety of different Online Bingo Games. Ranging from 75 ball bingo to as many as 90 balls, the online bingo halls typically provide a fairly extensive list of games. While not available through every online bingo hall, you will find at least 75 ball bingo, and Bingo Chat Games through each bingo site. Being the most common form of bingo, this is easily the most entertainment available through this game. If you do not understand the concept of a particular game, rest assured that we will have you covered.

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is the most common and popular of all online bingo games. This is the bingo you know, enjoy, your grandma plays or played, and the same bingo you probably played in school. This time it's for real and 75 ball bingo can be quite entertaining. This game also features different patterns making the game even more fun.

80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo is a different breed of bingo. Instead of a 5x5 card, it is played on a 4x4 card. Instead of columns named after letters, balls are color coded into 4 separate colors. Basically, your card will contain 4 of 20 possible balls to be called under each color. All in all, 4 columns with 20 different possibilities adds up to 80 ball bingo.

90 Ball Bingo

If you've never played 90 Ball Bingo before, be prepapred, you're going to have some learning to do before you can play. This game is unlike any other type of bingo you've ever seen. It starts with a 9x3 card. Numbers are called and instead of being the first to accomplish a certain patter, all balls will be drawn and the best card at the end wins.

Three Eyed Bingo

Three Eyed Bingo is a lot like 75 ball bingo in that it is played on the same cards. Cards? Yes, that is plural. Three Eyed Bingo is played on three separate 5x5 cards each of which requires a particular pattern to be a winner. Once all three cards have the designated patterns, that player is the winner and the game is over.

Online Bingo Reviews

If you want a comprehensive and detailed analysis of some of the best bingo halls online, then our Reviews of Online Bingo Sites are what you're looking for. We have outlined and detailed many of the best US Online Bingo sites in order to provide our readers with insight into what each one holds. If you want to play bingo online, then we suggest you look through the online bingo reviews in order to determine which one works for you. Since each one is different, it is vitally important that you take a step back and look at their features.

Bonuses: $5 Free, (2) 150% Unlimited Match Bonuses

Games: 75 Ball Bingo, Bingo Chat Games, Patterned Games

Deposits: Credit Cards, Mastercard, American Express, eWalletXpress, UseMyWallet Review

Vic's Bingo

Bonuses: $5 Free, (2) 150% Unlimited Match Bonuses

Games: Bingo Chat Games, 75 Ball Bingo, Patterned Games

Deposits: UseMyWallet, VISA, Mastercard, eWalletXpress, American Express

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South Beach Bingo

Bonuses: $5 Free, 100% Match Bonus Good To $750

Games: Patterned Games, 75 Ball Bingo, Chat Games

Deposits: UseMyWallet, American Express, Mastercard, eWalletXpress, Credit Cards, VISA & More

South Beach Bingo Review

Bingo For Money

Bonuses: $5 Free, Unlimited 100% Match On First Deposit

Games: 75 Ball Bingo, Chat Games, Patterned Games

Deposits: American Express, UseMywallet, eWalletXpress, VISA, Credit Card, Mastercard & More

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