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College football player prop bets are a unique way to place wagers on college football games in which the final point total plays no factor in the out come of the bet. Often time individual prop bets will consist of betting options such as which quarterback will toss the first touchdown or which running back will break 100 yards first in the football game it's self. Often times prop bets have outlandish betting options, but it is a fun way to stay entertained in a college football game with out worrying which team will score the most points at the end of the competition.

Remember that prop bets are intended for entertainment purposes and sometimes skill and knowledge of college football will play no factor in the outcome of the prop bet. If deciding which teams quarterback will throw the first touchdown of the game, factors like the better offense or the better prepared team are limited factors compared to which team will win possession first. When placing a prop bet, try to think of it as a fun way to stay tuned into a college football game. College Football player prop bets do not typically carry a highly successful rate of payout. Most times prop bets are offered with a high percentage of pay outs as again no past knowledge plays a factor in determining the outcome of the prop bet.

When placing prop bets at one of our USA Online Sportsbooks, don't forget to take certain off the field factors into consideration as well. In some cases weather can be one of the most intricate factors to calculate, as weather can often spoil the out come of certain types of college football prop bets. Other factors we like to consider before placing prop bets are injuries and match ups. Injuries to a running backs offensive line might hamper that RB ability to break 100 yards rushing or even score a touchdown at all.This is a rare opportunity to have fun when placing college football individual prop bets.

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