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Redskins Ban Signs From Fans

NFL News - October 28th, 2009 - Written by John

redskinsThe ridiculing from Washington Redskins apparently stops at the gate.

Per ProFootballTalk, Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post floated a story that Washington Redskins personnel were instructed to ban any signs from entering the stadium during Monday Night Football against the Philadelphia Eagles. It is something that has recently implemented and likely directed at deterring fans from publicly criticizing the franchise.

Management is denying the claim, saying that the signs obstruct the view of others and can be potentially harmful if fans use them as weapons. This is the standard company line, but certainly comes at an unusual time with the team losing four games to previously winless teams and being manhandled against Philadelphia although the Eagles played sloppy themselves.

One of the fans that was banned referred to Mike Sherman, who was recently given play-calling duties after being a BINGO hall announcer the week before. The sign read "Hey Snider, Go B-I-N-GO F Yourself". That was among the worst displays reported, but other innocent signs weren't permitted either. Steinberg reportedly pulled a sign out of a trash can that read "Hi to my husmand in Afghanistan. Love you."

The Washington Redskins are 25th in ESPN's Power Rankings, although it is surprisingly not in the bottom-10 in total offense. They are close at 16 and significantly improved their season-scoring average to 13.7 with their 17-point performance against the Eagles.

There have been many attempts to quell the masses during tough times, but fans across the league have become more creative and figure to do so in Washington.

Buffalo Bills fans recently rented a spot on an electronic billboard for nearly $1,200 last week with a sign demanding a clearing house in the front office (the Bills have since gone 2-0). The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are also reportedly having problems on their fan forum. Bloggers have been venting with critical posts, ranting about playcalling and calling head coach Raheem Morris, "Radio".

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