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Vick Dealing With Bankruptcy Issues; To Appear In Court Thursday

NFL News - August 24th, 2009 - Written by Jimmy

michael vickAccording to sources close to Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles back up QB will appear in Bankruptcy Court on Thursday, before the Eagles' third preseason game. Sal Paolantonio of ESPN learned of the court date on Sunday, and how Mike Vick will testify in a confirmation hearing pertaining to Vick's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case.

Slated to begin at 9:30 AM, in Newport News, Virginia, Mike Vick must board a plane, late Wednesday night, in order to make his appearance. As it stands now, the Eagles have plans on running a mock in preparation for the Jacksonville Jaguars, who visit Philadelphia on Thursday night. Vick should be able to get back in time, though he is scheduled to be in court most of the day. Vick will need to remain at the trail until it's completion which should put him back in Philadelphia shortly before game time.

Typically, week 3 of the NFL preseason is the last tune up for starters, as teams prepare for week 1 of the 2009 NFL regular season. This is valuable opportunity for Vick to get his first time on the field, with the team. As it stands now, Vick should be able to make it back to Philadelphia, before the start of the game. The Philadelphia Eagles front office is wary of exposing details of Michael Vick's travels, but a front office spokesperson states that "It will not affect his game status," It is up to Vick and the Eagles to take full advantage of the time allowed, to play with the team, in order to get a good feel of where Mike Vick will fit in the offense.

As for Eagles' fans, this would be the first chance to see their newly acquired back up Quarterback in action. Even though Vick arrived with much controversy, the faithful Eagle supporters are anxious to see what kind of wrinkle Mike Vick can add to their offense.

Previously, Commissioner Roger Goodell conditionally re-instated Vick, which would allow Vick to play the final two preseason games. After that, it will be entirely up to Goodell to fully re-instate Vick, sometime before week 6 of the regular season.

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