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Seattle Seahawks Travel To San Diego Chargers As 3 Point Underdogs

NFL News - August 15th, 2009 - Written by Jimmy

BoDog has odds on the Seahawks @ Chargers tonight, which is the first preseason game for both teams in '09. The Chargers hold the moneyline at -170, where as the Seahawks are placing +150. The spread runs standard, with Seattle holding the +3 at even odds, where as the Chargers hold the -3 at odds of -120. For the over and under, you will see a total score of 36. Both over and under are are even odds, which have a line of -110.

The Seahawks are coming into the preseason off of a 4-12 '08 season. While '08 was writhe with injury, the key players have recovered. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was damaged last season, leading to him missing nine games. Great expectations also lay in Seattle's third overall pick, OLB Aaron Curry. Curry was decorated with six different awards. He ran 226 interception return yards, a record for his school, Wake Forest University. He held 105 tackles in his senior year alone, and will be making his NFL debut in this game.

Ex-Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh will also be donning the Seahawks uniform, bringing his receiving skills to the team. He held 74 receptions with 1,012 yards over five years, and should be a starter going into this preseason game.

Jim Mora will be taking over the head coach position for Mike Holmgren, the now retired ex-coach. Mora had brought the Falcons to the NFC championship in his first year with the team, but went on to be the assistant head coach for the Seahawks. He is expected to perform well, and this preseason game will give him a chance to let the ball fly for some victories.

The Chargers have remained relatively linear since last year. Not many changes took place, meaning they will be coming into this game on a solid foundation. Should the Chargers play their starters, expect to see Shawne Merriman, who is recently off the mend from an '08 knee injury. Darren Sproles should be the first string running back, though Hester may take over quickly. Mention also belongs to Gartrell Johnson of Colorado State, the Chargers fourth round draft pick.

San Diego has the team advantage, and they sent Seattle packing last year with a one point victory. Expect a fresh beginning as the two teams face off once again.

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