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Reports are Brett Favre is on his way to Minnesota

NFL News - August 18th, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

brett favreAfter failing to sign a contract earlier this summer, before mini camps started, it would finally appear as though Brett Favre is ready to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. The report is that Brett Favre is on his way to Minnesota today, to meet with Vikings officials, who are confident that Favre is ready to sign. Several high sources, around the Vikings organization, have relayed that the Favre deal is all but done. To further reinforce this, Favre stated that "Hopefully we should know something by dinner time." in talking with WDAM in Hattiesburg, MS. So it would appear the Brett Favre saga will carry on at least one more season, in the Purple and Gold of the Minnesota Vikings.

First Jay Glazer of Fox Sports Net, reported on Monday, that unnamed Vikings players already heard Brett Favre is on his way to become a member of the Vikings football team. This, just as Vikings head coach, Brad Childress, decided to play Tavaris Jackson as the starting quarterback, on Thursday night against the Chiefs. This is not the first time Brett Favre has retired, just to come out of retirement in the middle of the preseason. Now Favre will just have to pass a physical, and the Vikings are sure to offer a contract for the 2009 NFL Season.

WCCO-TV, of Minnesota, also confirmed reports that quarterback Brett favre is headed to Minnesota for a pending physical. ESPN reported that WCCO-TV stated Brett Favre is expected to sign a contract with the Minnesota Vikings football team sometime today. WDAM in Hattiesburg also confirmed reports that Brett Favre is on his way to the Minnesota Vikings training facility in an attempt work out a contract. This supposed contract is allegedly worth $10 - $12 million for one year of service, in order for Brett Favre to play quarterback.

Favre will turn 40-years old on October 10, of this year, and many speculate his age as the reason he wanted to skip training camp. Entering week 2 of the preseason, the training camp portion of the preseason is over, and now players assume regular season practice times, and days off. Many insist that this move is unfair to the team, as Brett looks to isolate himself from the team building experience.

Quarterback Tavaris Jackson will suffer the most from Brett Favre joining the team, although Favre would seem to be a better fit for a Super Bowl Run in 2009. Favre will have to only complete short yardage third down passes this season, and unlike the Jets of last year, it won't be completely on Favre to make the big play down field. We will report more on this story, when more information is discovered.

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