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Pittsburgh Steelers 3 Point Favorites Over Arizona Cardinals

NFL News - August 12th, 2009 - Written by Jimmy

When the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers take the field, in their first game of the 2009 NFL Preseason, it will be against a familiar opponent, the Arizona Cardinals. The Steelers and the Cardinals were the two Super Bowl contenders, in 2008, and they put on one heck of a show. The Pittsburgh Steelers wound up taking it by a score of 27 to 23, on the touchdown from Ben Rothlisberger to Santonio Holmes, during the final minute of the game. Now these two are on the field, once again, this time part of a Preseason NFL tune up.

NFL Preseason games, or NFL Exhibitions, are a chance for the coaching staff to get a look at their team, as well as a time for returning starters to "Knock The Rust Off." Generally, whenever starters do play, in the preseason, it is only for one or two possessions, and definitely no longer than the first quarter. The rest of the game is for the new players to become acclimated to NFL game speed, and for the coaches to evaluate the roster. Though the teams only slightly resemble what they will look like in the regular season, there are still some great bets to be had.

The most serious NFL gamblers wager on the preseason, because they recognize that money can be won. Looking at the potential betting odds for the game, courtesy of Bodog Sportsbook, it would appear as though the Pittsburgh Steelers have been installed as 3 point favorites, against the Arizona Cardinals. At this time, Bodog is only taking bets on the points spread, but will offer live betting throughout the game. Should bettors go with Pittsburgh, they will be looking at a -105 payout, or 195% of the original wager. On the opposite side, those taking the Cardinals are looking at a -115 payout, or a 185% return on the original wager.

The game gets underway tomorrow night, at 8pm EST, from Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh, PA. Also, the game will be televised nationally, except in the Pittsburgh and Phoenix markets, on ESPN. This will be the first chance that NFL fans have to view the Steelers, and judge how well Ben Rothlisberger is affected by the civil lawsuit that alleged rape, during the off season. For the Cardinals, it will be an opportunity of Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Warner to work on timing and routes, which is definitely going to be the key to Arizona's high powered offense. Both teams are itching to play this game, as it is the first step for both teams in defending their conference championships.

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