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Brett Favre To Become Newest Addition To Minnesota Vikings

NFL News - August 18th, 2009 - Written by Jimmy

It's all but official now, but Brett Favre is finally ready to sign the dotted line, with the Minnesota Vikings, providing that he can pass the team physical. Reports surfaced yesterday, courtesy of Fox Sports Net insider Jay Glazer, that Favre was still looking to join the Vikings. Glazer was able to obtain from sources inside the Vikings locker room, that the Favre discussion was still in the air, and one source even said it was going to happen. The speculation was put to an end when, Favre's agent, Bus Cook, says "It's A Done Deal," as quoted to USA Today.

This morning, the Favre saga reached a fever pitch, as WDAM in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, reported that Brett Favre was boarding a plane bound for Minneapolis, Minnesota, that had a huge Minnesota Vikings logo on the tail. Sources say that Favre was hopeful to have a deal in place with the Vikings by dinner time. Minutes later, Mark Rosen from WCCO in Minneapolis reported that several sources within the Vikings organization were quoted as saying that Favre is on the way. Another high level source with the Vikings said to Rosen that Favre was expected to sign later in the day.

Upon landing at the St. Paul airport, Favre was met by Vikings Head Coach, Brad Childress, and the two were later seen driving off together in a SUV. Soon after, Childress and Favre would arrive at the Vikings facilities, in Eden Prairie, MN, to the applause of many loyal Vikings fans.

As soon as Favre passes the team physical, he is expected to make it official. It would appear as though every thing is in place, on both side, which would allow Favre to sign. Chris Mortensen, of ESPN, reports the deal is rumored to be in the $20 to $25 million range, for two years of service with the Vikings. Favre will need to demonstrate that his surgically repaired shoulder is 100%, after having off season surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff.

Just when we though Favre had let us go, Favre pulls us back in. Never before has a NFL quarterback ever generated the attention as Favre has, when it comes to whether or not he will play. Favre strung the Green Bay Packers along for years as he debated on whether or not he would return. Finally the Packers got tired of his deal, and no longer expressed interest in Favre, breaking the hearts of many Packers fans.

After much controversy, and a denied trade to the Minnesota Vikings, Favre settled for a trade to the New York Jets. Favre spent the entire 2008 Season with the Jets, even playing injured at times. Once again, Favre announced his retirement, only to have the Jets eventually drop his contract, which left Favre an unrestricted free agent. Almost as soon as the ink was dry on his release, the speculation started about a possible return, this time with the Minnesota Vikings. Leading up to training camp, Favre stalled again, and put a self imposed deadline, on his return announcement. Favre would soon announce that he would not be returning, and that he would stay retired. With the advent of the recent news, Favre's delay would appear to have been a move in order for Brett to skip Vikings training camp.

All that aside, Vikings fans are excited to see Brett Favre join the team, as this would appear to be their ticket back to the NFC Playoffs. Things appear to be in place for the Vikings to do great things with the likes of Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and the terrific Minnesota defense led by Jared Allen.

Others have different reasons for being excited to see Brett Favre return, and one of those is Packers Linebacker Nick Barnett. Quoted in a newspaper interview, Barnett said "After all those years of not being able to hit him, do I want to hit him? Of course I want to hit him. He's an awesome guy. I wish him the best." Others excited to see Favre return would be Chad Ochocinco, of the Cincinnatti Bengals, who is convinced that the Vikings will make the 2009 NFL playoffs.

During the writing of this article Brett Favre has since appeared on the Minnesota Vikings practice field, with a helmet, shoulder pads, and cleats. Favre is ready to throw to his first passes to his new receivers, and begin getting acclimated to the team. Since it is apparent that Brett Favre has signed, he could possibly start the next Vikings preseason game. Now that he has begun practice and is officially in the door, Brett can begin to get ready to face the Kansas City Chiefs, which visit the Metrodome on Friday night.

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