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Packers are a Slim Favorite to Win the Super Bowl in 2010

NFL News - August 21st, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

betedThe NFL football season is about to start, and credible online sportsbooks such as Bodog have released odds on all four teams in the NFC North division chances to win the Super Bowl. The Green bay Packers have the third best odds to win the Super Bowl in the NFC North, BetED has the Packers odds set at 24:1. The Vikings are the strong favorite in the NFC North division, and surprisingly the Chicago Bears are 15:1 odds favorite to win it all in 2009. Can the Packers find away to make it to the playoffs and win the Super Bowl this season?

The Green Bay Packers will have to find away to surpass both the Vikings and the Bears to make it to the Super Bowl, and cash in on the 24:1 odds. Most of the pressure to make it to the playoffs this season lies on the shoulders of quarterback Aaron Rogers. Rogers played well last season, recording 4,038 yards, 28 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and finished the season with a quarterback rating of 93.8. Last year was the first season Rogers started all 16 games of an NFL regular season. This year will be his 5th season in the NFL, and his second consecutive season as the starting quarterback in Green Bay. With wide receivers Greg Jennings, and Donald Driver, Aaron Rogers could possibly have his best year ever in 2009.

The Running game of the Green bay Packers also played well in 2008. Packers starting running back Ryan Grant surprised the Packers organization coming on strong in only his third season out of Notre Dame University. Grant carried the ball 312 times in 2008, recorded 1,203 yards, but only managed to get into the end zone 4 times. The Packers will need a better performance from Ryan Grant this season if they hope to make a serious run at the Super Bowl. In order to produce more, Grant will have to score more touchdowns from inside the 20 yard line. Scoring in the red zone comes down to running the football, and Ryan Grant is a crucial member of the Packers red zone game plan.

The Packers need to play better defense in 2009 if they want to win the super Bowl in Miami. Last year the Packers defense ranked 20th in total yards allowed per game, 25th in total sacks with 27 on the season (Cowboys had 59 sacks), and 26th in rushing yards allowed per game. If the Packers continue to allow other opponents to run all over them, the super Bowl is not a likely out come for the Packers at the end of the season. In fact the Packers did not rank in the top ten in any defensive stat category in 2008. Still with 24:1 odds the Packers could provide a lucrative pay out, so visit Bodog and check out the odds for all 32 NFL football teams.

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