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Original Whizzinator Bought At Auction

NFL News - August 31st, 2009 - Written by John

onterrio smithsIt's a timeless hand-me-down tale. Man uses rubber penis to pass a urine test. Man is caught with rubber penis. Auctioneers sell rubber penis to new man, who uses it as the new center piece of his eatery.

Today, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported that Minnesota Vikings running back Onterrio Smith's Whizzenator, a device he used to pass a urine test during his days with the team, was purchased this week for $750 by Matt Little, the owner of Buster's Sports Bar & Grill in Mankato. The paper reported Little plans to write off the purchase as part of his restaurant.

The restaurant is close to the Vikings' training camp and the newest 'member' of the club will be showcased under a glass case, NBC Sports reported, among the other various memorabilia like jerseys and helmets.

"I want to be the new training camp headquarters for the Vikings," Little told NBC Sports.

Little told the Pioneer Press that he actually had a $1,000 budget after recruiting someone to help with the purchase.
"I thought, 'You got to be kidding me", Little told the paper about his reaction when hearing the device would be auctioned off.

Smith was caught with the device during a search of his stuff at an airport checkpoint in 2005 and was finally auctioned off August 28th. It could actually be considered an antique by now. Creators of the Whizzinator were indicted on federal charges in 2008 because the device was sold “to customers throughout the United States and in the Western District of Pennsylvania," prosecuting attorney Mary Beth Buchanon told multiple news outlets. "For the purpose of defeating federal, and federally regulated, employment drug urine tests overseen by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) for marijuana, cocaine and other controlled substances under Title 21 of the United States Code.”

A new device hasn't been created since. A shame considering how companies tend to upgrade their products over the years to generate more revenue. Maybe we would've seen a Whizzinator custom racing stripes or NFL team logos. Or maybe an LCD screen to watch movies and highlights if the testing line gets backed up.

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