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New York Jets Upset New York Giants 27-25

NFL News - August 30th, 2009 - Written by Glen

new york jetsSaturday night's preseason game featuring the Jets and the Giants ended up in a two point victory for the Jets. Rookie Quarterback Mark Sanchez showed vast improvement over his last game, and kept tight through out all of his play time against the Giants.

Sanchez, who had faltered under pressure in his game against the Ravens, managed to pull it together when under heavy fire from the Giant's trio of terror - Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka, and Osi Umenyiora. Perhaps trying to capitalize on Sanchez's inexperience under the gun, they defense left Chansi Stuckey open for 31 yard pass that would end in a touchdown. Sanchez threw 13 for 20, gaining 149 yards in under three quarters of play. Clemens reaffirmed why Sanchez is the starter, as he threw two passes, failed one of them, and gained a paltry five yards. Eirk Ainge, on the other hand, made one pass all night, gaining seventy yards and a touchdown.

Manning, on the other hand, had a tough time with his receivers. Having lost a Plaxico to legal issues, Manning had struggled with receptions. He threw for only 91 yards over 9 completions, with 21 attempts total. He accrued one touchdown for the Giants and threw a pick to the Jets. Manning's shortcomings were not all his fault, however, as the receivers were also not where they needed to be. Though he did overthrow several passes, one of his receivers, Steve Smith, managed to drop a ball that had been expertly thrown in his direction. David Carr, on the other hand, threw 12 for 17 and gained 181 yards and two touch downs.

A failed field goal by Lawrence Tynes ultimately caused the Giants to lose, as the completion of that kick would have kept them over the limit. While the field goal would have put the Giants in the lead, the Jets' defense was spot on most of the night, shutting the Giants down in a clutch moment with less than thirty seconds on the clock. The red zone point prevention would give the jets the game. Honorable mention goes to Jets' Jacobs recovered a fumble, while simultaneously losing his helmet and showing the crowd how football was meant to be played - fearlessly and powerfully.

Both defenses let receivers go wide open throughout the course of the game, but the Jets' offense was more overpowering than the Giants. Stuckey and Sanchez pushed the Jets into victory, giving them a preseason win and perhaps a morale boost for the regular season.

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