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New E-Mail Surface To Damage Roethlisberger Rape Allegations

NFL News - August 27th, 2009 - Written by Glen

ben roethlisbergerIt seems that every day that passes, the allegations made against Roethlisberger by Andrea McNulty are becoming less viable every day. New evidence has been brought to light, as Harrah's security has released several e-mails sent on the exact day that the supposed rape had taken place.

Lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss the case, as the claims made by McNulty can clearly be seen as fallacious. One e-mail that was sent said that "Ben is so effing hot and I am so bored." It turns out that McNulty was the aggressor rather than Roethlisberger, as she also wrote in an e-mail "Hail Maryfull of grace give me the strength to not go to his room to fix his television." The exact time frame of the latter was not clear, but this could easily give the defense enough evidence to clear the accused of all charges. It is likely, though purely speculated, that the second e-mail was sent very shortly before the sexual encounter, as this was the reported reason she had been in Roethlisberger's room to begin with.

The e-mails were sent between McNulty and the chief of security at Harrah's, Guy Hyder, though he had not reported to management because even consensual sex with a hotel patron could have gotten McNulty fired. No solid evidence had been provided on either side of the issue until this development, and the dismissal could very well take place. The whole issue had been writhe with doubt, as it had taken over a year for the plaintiff to file her civil suit, with no talk of criminal charges.

Unless a turn around surfaces for McNulty, this case should not remain open much longer. Frankly, the plaintiff has no leg to stand on, and it seems that whatever happened between Big Ben and the Harrah's liaison was consensually. With any luck, this instance will prevent false allegations from flying in the future, as it is obvious that careless talk can ruin lives.

Information drawn from the Associated Press

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