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More Trouble In Denver, For New Coach Josh McDaniels

NFL News - August 3rd, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

After trading away the best player on the team in quarterback Jay Cutler, the Denver Broncos and new head coach Josh McDaniels face a new problem on the field. All-Star wide receiver Brandon Marshall who finally decided to show up to off-season mini camps, faced what team doctors hope to be a minor injury. After practicing for some time in the early Sunday Morning, Brandon Marshall ran a deep rout, only to come up short, grabbing at his hamstring in obvious pain.

Marshall pulled up short, threw his helmet to the ground and, collapsed to the field of play holding his leg. Team execs and officials, hoped the injury wasn't a left hip injury, as they approached the pain suffering wide receiver. Marshall had hip surgery, on his left hip, earlier this year just as the season ended early for the Broncos team. Marshall experienced tremendous pain in the final games of the season last year, but played through the pain catching over a 100 receptions for the second straight season.

Brandon Marshall began to demand trade talks, just days after the organization traded away highly coveted quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler and Marshall showed the league they were one of the best wide receiver quarterback tandems in the league in the last three years, but that is all over now. Denver fans look to have Kyle Orton under center all year long, and hope that Marshall and Orton can recreate some of the same chemistry and timing that, Cutler and Marshall shared. That can only become possible if Marshall can stay healthy.

After only one full week of strenuous football practice Marshall is already experiencing minor set backs such as this hamstring injury. New head coach josh McDaniels is going to have to figure out a way to keep Marshall healthy all pre-season long, but still give Orton enough time to build a report with his new go-to target. The Broncos will have a tough season this year trying to win the 8 games they won last year. A lingering hamstring injuryto receiver Brandon Marshall will definitely hurt the teams chances of maybe becoming a contender for the playoffs. Kyle Orton is with out a doubt the main Bronco player hoping to see Marshall return to the football field. Kyle Orton's success, is totally based on how much effort Marshall will exude in the 2009-2010 NFL football season.

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