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Michael Vick's "60 Minutes" Interview

NFL News - August 16th, 2009 - Written by Bruce

Michael Vick sat down with "60 Minutes" James Brown for his first interview since being released from federal prison. The former top pick in the NFL draft said that he wept in disgust over the crimes he committed while serving his time in prison. Vick served 18 months in prison for running a dogfighting ring. In his interview with Brown, Vick stated, "I deserved to lose the $130 million." Vick once the highest paid player in the NFL, and he was the face of the league. Vick went on to say, "I deserve to lose that because of what I was doing." He said that he feels pure disgust when asked about he feels in regards to the crime he committed. In just the last few days, Vick was signed to a two year contract by the Philadelphia Eagles. He is set to earn $1.6 million for the first season of the contract, with a $5.2 million club option for the second year.

In his "60 Minute" interview with James Brown, Vick said that he failed to stand up to his peers which helped lead him down the wrong road. When Brown asked him if he understands why people are outraged with him, Vick commented, "I understand why. And I'm going to say it again. Sickens me to my stomach. And it was you know the same thing that I'm feeling right now." He talked about shedding in tears while locked up in prison when he truly realized what he had done. When asked about letting down Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, Vick became distraught saying, "I can't describe the feeling, you know, the hurt deep inside. Knowing that I disappointed him, knowing that he'd given me every opportunity to come to him." Vick pledged that he would hard to pursuade kids with pets to, "love that animal dearly and with all your heart."

Joining Vick during the interview were his league mentor Tony Dungy and Human Society of the United States president Wayne Pacelle. In fact, it was Pacelle who enlisted the former Pro Bowl quarterback as an anti dog fighting ambassador. Pacelle commented, "I am really hopeful that Mike sticks with this and really reaches these kids because he can turn some of them around." Tony Dungy is the former Indianapolis Colts head coach, and he has garnered a reputation away from football for helping troubled young men turn their lives around. One thing Michael Vick wanted to get across in the interview is that he knows what he has done is wrong. He hopes other people can learn from his mistakes. One line from the interview that stood out is when Vick said to Brown, "I've been a living example of what not to do." He said he regrets not making the most of his talents, and that he lived off his sheer talents without putting in his maximum effort. After all he has been through, Vick has a chance to once again resurrect his football career and possibly his public image. Whether he is able to accomplish either remains to be seen.

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