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Four Sided Video Board In Cowboys' Stadium Creates Conundrum

NFL News - August 25th, 2009 - Written by Glen

dallas cowboys stadiumA massive, four sided video board hanging from the Cowboys' stadium has caused strife recently. What was an investment of over $40 million dollars has caused issues - the structure, which stands a mere 90 feet over the playing field, has already obstructed several kicks. While the panel does adhere to league rules, the possibility of faulty kicks looms heavily on the minds of players, fans, and officials alike.

While the league approved of the structure, the idea that balls are bouncing off the the obstacle, is one that needs to be solved. The implications involved are overpowering, and while the structure it self is technically covered in the rulebook, what to do with the ball after impact is still up in the air.

The rule cited when creating the machine was archaic at best, and stemmed from the 1930's. As of now, the rule will state that if a punt hits the board, it will be necessary to replay the down.

Cowboys' officials, at this time, refuse to raise the board.

The odds of the ball hitting the machine in the middle of the field remain relatively low. In a real game scenario, it is likely that a punt would be direct toward the sidelines, rather than straight down the field. One of fourteen punts hit the screen on Friday's game against the Titans. It has also been suggested that the board will not be hit unless the kicker is deliberately aiming for the board.

The real question is, however, will this be a new proposition bet for sports bettors? Only time will tell on that one.

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