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Eagles and Vick Trounce Jaguars, But Just Barely

NFL News - August 28th, 2009 - Written by Glen

eagles vickFor the first time in two years, Mike Vick got to walk through that glorious tunnel and onto the field. With a stadium of cheering fans, Vick made his return, and helped the Eagles win a 33-32 exhibition victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Vick was on the line on the Eagle's second play of the game. Fans watched Vick throw a completion for four yards on his first play in two years. This would be the first of four, and the erstwhile quarterback had gone four for four all night, passing for a total of nineteen yards. A thirteen yard toss to Hank Baskett ended in a first down, and culminated in a drive that ended in a field goal.

Vick's versatility also led him to playing a wide receiver position for one play, and he gained one yard on a rush as quarterback.

Michael replaced Kevin Kolb as the second string quarterback, though Kolb performed solidly last nigh, sans a penalty. Kolb threw for three drives in a row, and each one ended in a touch down, dragging the Eagles back from a two touchdown deficit, putting them in the lead.

Coach Reid had stated that he wanted Vick in five to ten plays, to get him "back in the swing of things."

Donovan McNabb, starting quarterback for the Eagles, threw 21 for 36 passes, accumulating 244 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

The preseason has not had any victories for the Jacksonville Jaguars, leading to quite the disappointment at the hands of a one point loss.

David Garrard threw fourteen bombs, with only eight completions. Ninety-three yards were gained, but one interception was lost. Todd Bouman also went eight and fourteen, pulling in eighty-nine yards and a touchdown. Torry Holt scored on a recovered fumble.

Some sloppy plays took place, as both teams had three turn overs. The Eagles fumbled twice, losing both to the Jaguars. The Jags, however, recovered one of their two fumbles. An interception was thrown for each team.

A rare event occurred in the game - a safety. A penalty on Kolb landed the Jaguars two points. An unintentional grounding penalty in the end zone caused this fiasco, but those two points were not enough to give the Jaguars the win.

The Eagle's final preseason game will take place September 3rd, against Sanchez and the Jets. The Eagles will be on the road. Washington will visit Jacksonville to play the Jaguars in their last game of the preseason, also on September 3rd.

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