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Donte Stallworth Suspended For Entire 2009 NFL Season

NFL News - August 13th, 2009 - Written by Mike

Roger Goodell gave his final verdict for the punishment of Donte Stallworth for his DUI manslaughter charge. The Cleveland Browns will be without their wide receiver for the entire season. Additionally, Stallworth will not receive any pay for this year. Stallworth was suspended indefinitely on June 18, which was two days after he plead guilty to the charges.

Stallworth spent 30 days in jail and lost his driver's license for life He also has roughly 2,000 community services hours for the charge. The accident happened on March 14th, 2009, in Miami, after Stallworth was leaving a nightclub.

Stallworth met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to see where the two sides were and to talk more about punishment for violating the NFL's Substances of Abuse and Personal Conduct Policy. Stallworth, along with the alcohol in his system the night of the accident, had also tested positive for marijuana. There has been many players breaking laws and violating policies in place by the League, leaving Goodell to be judge, jury, and executioner over the players that are committing such infractions.

Stallworth will not be able to play until after the Super Bowl in February 2010, at which time the NFL will reinstate the wide receiver. Donte recently received permission to leave his house to continue conditioning with a personal trainer, as to not lose his physical prowess.

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