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Dallas Cowboys Odds To Win The 2009 NFL Super Bowl

NFL News - August 4th, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

The Dallas Cowboys, who missed the playoffs last season, decided to make some crucial decisions concerning the betterment of the team during the off season this year. The Cowboys surprisingly released all-star wide receiver Terrell Owens, gaining nothing for him  in a trade. After that move the Cowboys continued to clear house, releasing troubled corner back Adam Jones, Nose Tackle Tank Johnson, and long time Strong Safety Roy Williams. These players were believed to be the source of the problem in the locker room for the Dallas Cowboys franchise the last couple of years.

With the absence of Terrell Owens fro the team, more of the big play responsibility will fall on the shoulders of quarterback Tony Romo. Lucky for Romo the Cowboys have decided to re-design the offense, relying heavily on the rushing attack of Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tahsard choice to move the ball down the field with effectiveness. The Cowboys have good odds to win the Super Bowl this season, at 15:1. This type of number illustrates, that sports bookies all over, have decided the Cowboys have a good chance to make it to the promise land and win the title in the last game of the season. 15:1 odds also means that if you lace a bet now on the Cowboys to win it all, the pay out will still be lucrative.

The Cowboys played well on defense last year but lost Chris Canty to rival New York Giants. If the Cowboys can manage to win some games in their own division, the NFC East. a trip to the playoffs might happen this year. The question as always with the Cowboys is can they when  a game in the playoffs. The Cowboys have failed to record a win in the playoffs over the last 15 consecutive seasons. With all the talent on this team it is hard to imagine them not winning a playoff game, but it is true. The Cowboys might just break out as the eventual Super Bowl champs in Miami. If they do make sure you check out Bodog and place a bet on them now, before the odds start to change. The NFL football season is only one month away. Bodog as already released odds on all NFL teams to win the Super Bowl. If your not a Cowboys fan, be sure to check at Bodog's online sportsbook and see the odds on your favorite NFL football team. 

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