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Cowboys Head To Oakland As 2 Point Underdogs

NFL News - August 13th, 2009 - Written by Ryan

The 2009 NFL preseason began last Sunday, when the Tennessee Titans beat the Buffalo Bills, in the famed "Hall of Fame Game" for the first preseason game of the year. Four other preseason games are scheduled for tonight, Thursday August 13, 2009. The last of these Thursday night preseason games, is at 10:00 p.m. in a match up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland Raiders, in Oakland.

Credited online sportsbooks such as Bodog, have already released odds on this preseason match up between the Cowboys and Raiders, and the home team Raiders are favored to win by -2 points. The Cowboys come into this preseason game as the more talented team, but are still a +2 underdog on the road in California. Since it is the first preseason game of the season for both the Cowboys and the Raiders, most of the starting players will not see much action on the field Thursday night. Preseason games are designed for the younger players on the football team, these players don't get to see much playing time during the regular season. preseason games allow these young players to get acclimated with the new system of the team, and allow them to play under the speed of the NFL.

The Cowboys will have to come out strong in the first quarter of this game, if they hope to pull off the road victory. Since the Cowboys have most of their positions filled with starters from last season, the veterans should only play in the first series of the game, maybe one or two more series, for other starters. The Raiders are still in the midst of rebuilding the young football team, so their young potential starters for the 2009 regular season, will likely see more playing time Thursday night. The Raiders are at home and the home team always has an advantage in the preseason. Lucky for the Cowboys, Oakland is not to far to travel, since the Cowboys hold their mini camps in San Antonio Texas.

The sportsbooks have the Over and Under bet in this game set at 34 1/2 points. The first preseason game between the Titans and the Bills made it past the 34 points in their game, and in most preseason games the defense on both teams play with less intensity, than the offenses of both teams. Either way this game should be a fun game to watch at least in the first quarter. Raiders fans will get to see Jamarcus Russell and Darren McFadden on the field together for the first time, and Cowboys fans get to see how quarterback Tony Romo handles the offense, with out Terrell Owens by his side. Preseason game are fun, and it is a reminder that the 2009 NFL regular season is almost here. So, start preparing now.

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