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Broncos' Marshall Suspended Until September 5th

NFL News - August 28th, 2009 - Written by Scott

marshallReceiver Brandon Marshall was suspended until September 5th for "detrimental conduct." The insubordinate receiver will have to sit out the remainder of the preseason.

Marshall's contention stems from being denied a contract revision or a trade. He was suspended on Friday.

It was not just one occurrence of bad behavior, but in fact a chain of events that culminated in his suspension. Despite warnings, his trouble making continued. Examples of his behavior include kicking a ball away from a ball boy, deflecting his own pass, and walking behind while the team had ran. His antics were, as it turns out, caught on tape.

The situation will be brought back under light before the regular season begins, but as of now the receiver is suspended "indefinitely."

Marshall is seemingly completely upset with the Broncos, though the Coach is hopeful that they can come to an accord. Marshall had missed the game with Seattle after bringing to light that he had not learned the playbook. He also missed the first preseason game when he was in Atlanta, rather than San Francisco, standing trial for allegedly battering his ex-girlfriend. The chargers were dropped.

Marshall holds a career record of 226 completed passes with 2,899 yards. He has scored fifteen receiving touchdowns. Marshall was drafted from the University of Central Florida as the 119th overall pick. He was taken from the fourth round draft. He had undergone hip surgery in the off season, and has yet to return to the field.

The Broncos want him back on the field, but it is alleged his conduct must improve vastly if they are going to reinstate him.

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