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Broncos Favored Over Bears, May End Losing Streak

NFL News - August 30th, 2009 - Written by Glen

betusLooking at Sunday's game between the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears, BetUS has the odds listed in favor of the Broncos. While they have a completely revamped team, they are expected to beat the Bears with a spread of 2. The over under score to meet is thirty eight points, giving the possibility of a push. The Broncos have a money line of -130, compared to the Bears' +110. Both spreads will pay -110.

This is one of the biggest games of the preseason, and should serve to entertain. Denver has been surrounded with drama as of late, and the main source of strife will be sitting on the sidelines for suspension until September. Receiver Brandon Marshall will out for the remainder of the preseason, and perhaps benched until into the regular season.

Both teams have injuries, and it is possible that several players will not be playing while they heal. Chicago will more than likely be missing Roach, Williams, Manning, and Bowman. Denver may be playing Brian Dawkins, despite a damaged hand, while running back Kwonshon Mareno will be sitting out due to a knee injury incurred the week previous.

Denver and Chicago alike will be playing their newbies, and each player is going to be striving toward a starting position. Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler are both aiming to increase their ranking in their respective teams, and each player used to play for the opposite team. This drama is likely to increase the overall tension of the game. The third string wide receiver position is up for grabs as well, with Denver's Devin Aromashodu, Rashied Davis, and Brandon Rideau all fighting for the slot.

Denver has been spotty this preseason, offering many turnovers to their opponents. The Broncos have only scored three touchdowns in the two games they've played, both of which ended in a loss. The Bears, on the other hand, have gone 1-1, with one at home and one on the road. They've put in just one more touchdown than the Broncos have, but their preseason win shows this to be a moot point. Denver will have their first home game of the preseason on Sunday, which they hope will bring them to a win.

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