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Both Romo and Farve Played their First Home Games, One was Impressive

NFL News - August 22nd, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

Last night was the home crowd debut of two of the NFL's most popular and talented quarterbacks. Brett Farve played in his first preseason game of the 2009 NFL football season with the Minnesota Vikings, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback ,Tony Romo played in his first game at the new billion dollar Cowboy Stadium. Farve signed with the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday of this week, so he did not get much practice time in with the first team offense. Romo on the other hand looked as if he had not missed a practice all summer long.

Brett Farve and the Minnesota Vikings hosted the Kansas City Chiefs in their first game at home in the 2009 NFL preseason. Brett Farve started the game as expected, but he only threw the ball 4 times. Out of those 4 passes none was over 35 yards, and only one was completed for a gain of 4 yards. It is understandable that Brett Farve was not asked to do much in this game since he has not played football in over 9 months. However he was knocked down on two separate occasions and his only completed pass was miraculously caught in double coverage. The Vikings did have one quarterback that looked promising Friday night, that was original starter Tavaris Jackson. Jackson came on early in the first quarter, and played series with the first team offense and second team offense in this game. Jackson ended the night with 202 yards on 12 for 15 passing, and passed for two touchdowns in this game. The Vikings biggest down fall this year could be starting Farve over Jackson.

The Dallas Cowboys also played their first game at home in the 2009 NFL preseason. It just so happened to be the first ever NFL game in the new billion dollar Cowboy stadium. The night began with hype about the stadium, but the hype quickly turned to the performance of quarterback Tony Romo. In the fist preseason game of the 2009 season, Romo and the first team offense only played one series. Last night Romo and that talented offense played the entire first quarter, and most of the second. Romo ended his night with 192 passing yards and completed 18 of 24 pass attempts, both of his scoring drives ended with rushing touch downs. What was most impressive about Romo's performance last night, was his ability to spread the ball around the field. Romo hit 7 different receivers in his limited time on the field, and he and offensive coordinator Jason Garret seemed to be on the same page all night long. Romo has had one impressive year so far, in 2007, when the Cowboys won 13 games and Romo recorded over 30 touchdowns. If his performance last night was an indication of how he will play this year, Romo could possibly have the best year of his career in 2009.

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