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Bet On This Sundays Hall Of Fame Game

NFL News - August 7th, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

The 2009 NFL Hall Of Fame Enshrinement "Hall of fame Game" is this Sunday September 7, 2009. During the weekend long event new hall of fame inductees Bruce Smith, Bob Hayes, Randall McDaniel, Rod Woodson, Ralph Wilson, and Derrick Thomas were enshrined into the NFL Hall Of Fame. The first pre-season game of the new year will take place in Canton Ohio, as the last event of the weekend.

The Hall of Fame game will host the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills, with the Titans claim home field advantage in the game. Online sportsbooks such as BetED, have already released odds on the event, and the Tennessee Titans are favored to win by -3 points. The Buffalo Bills are getting +3 points, and this will be the first time Bills fans get to see Terrell Owens in a Buffalo Bills uniform. This is the first pre-season game of the year, Terrell Owens will likely only play a couple of plays in the first quarter.

The over and Under on this game is set at 31 points, but both teams will play mostly reserves in a larger portion of the game. This 2009 Hall of Fame game, is still the first live action NFL football game, that sportsbook players get a chance to wager on. This game will also play host to the Tennessee Titans, first round draft pick just a few years ago, quarterback Vince Young. Vince Young will get a chance to start most of the second half, if not all of the second half of this pre-season me. Tennessee fans have waited to see Vince Young come back to earth, and start focusing on football again.

The next pre-season football game is not until next Thursday September 13, 2009. On that day, 8 other NFL football teams will play each other, for the next 4 scheduled pre-season football games.

Thursday September 13, games
Redskins VS Ravens
Patriots VS Eagles
Cardinals VS Steelers
Cowboys VS Raiders

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