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Activists Gather In Philadelphia Both For And Against Vick

NFL News - August 26th, 2009 - Written by Glen

The NAACP and the Black Clergy of Philadelphia, we well as other civil rights groups, are concocting a grand gathering to support the return of Michael Vick to the NFL. The event will take place Thursday in order to coincide with Vick's first game since his legal issues, and the rally will be held at Lincoln Financial Field.

Security will be highly alert come game day, as both the Pro-Vick and the Anti-Vick groups are likely to appear. No particular plans have been released by any animal rights groups, but the issue has already been compensated for. Though no anti-Vick groups will meet at the stadium itself, there are talks of a party being held in Philadelphia to support the "2nd Chance Dogs" campaign, an obvious jest at Vick's second chance in the league.

Vick's return to the NFL has been a highly controversial move, and both sides of the coin are being flipped. Many animal cruelty groups around the nation have voiced their opinion against Vick and the NFL, while others, particularly fans and his debtors, are clearly for him playing the beloved sport once more. Some have also remained of the opinion that surely there is something more important going on in the NFL, and the Vick story needs to be laid to rest. Regardless, the implications could have devastating results, especially if violence were to break out in front of the stadium. While the protesters and supporters alike have peaceful intention, the opposing view points could cause an eruption of violence.

Eagles' security should be well able to handle any issue that may arise. All parties involved are hoping for a peaceful display on Thursday, and regardless of the outcome, the game is sure to be provocative. Vick himself has been involved in anti-dog fighting programs, and his actions may help to prevent this sort of thing going on. Though no animal rights group has yet to side with Vick or the Eagles, both parties are hopeful that the outcries will soon be snuffed, and Vick can get on with his life now that he has been punished for the heinous crimes in which he had taken part.

Source - ESPN, Associated Press

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