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This Weeks HOH Competition Could Change the Game for Good

Gambling News - August 30th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

rusell from Big Brother 11Yet another week has passed in the Big Brother house, and the only thing that has changed is the company. Jordan, Michele, Jeff, Natalie, and Kevin can be thankful they have yet another week in the house, but the same can not be said for Russell. Most people will probably agree that Russell's departure from the house was long overdue. Time and time again we have seen Russell let this game really get the best of him. From paranoia to displays of complete and utter rage, Russell certainly did his best to keep things really stirred up in the house.

As soon as he realized he was on his way out the door, we saw the Russell we have grown to hate and love, all at the same time. He attacked everyone he came in contact with and held absolutely nothing back. He knew his time was up and took that opportunity to leave other house guests questioning each and every move the house guests make. Despite his alliance with Jeff, Russell made it known that his first target, should he remain in the house, would be Jeff. So it should of come as no surprise when Jeff made the back door move and put him up on the block. Russell will soon me joining Jessie and Lydia in the juror house. We'll see if differences can be put aside and see if these three can be hospital to one another, yet again.

This weeks Head of Household competition is one of the most important ones yet. As it sits right now, Jordan and Jeff believe that they have a final four alliance with Natalie and Kevin. What Jordan and Jeff do not know, is that this weeks target is Jeff. Jeff has been a very strong player throughout the game, but also comes off as a decent guy. Others who have been playing dirty do not stand a chance up against Jeff and his likability. Seeing how Jeff was HOH this past week, he is not eligible to participate in the HOH competition this go round, which leaves if up to Jordan. Although the two of them believe they have nothing to fear, it will be up to Jordan to secure their place in the house for one more week.

Since day one, DSI Sportsbook has been bringing you the odds on who will win Big Brother season 11 and now that's its down to the wire, your chances of winning just keep getting better and better. If you have been keeping up with the drama in the Big Brother house, you know that at this point, it is anyones game.






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