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Jim's Time on Hells Kitchen Has Come To An End

Gambling News - August 25th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

jim hells kitchenSome of the contestants on Hell's Kitchen really need to have a fire lite under their butts after last weeks episode. With things getting down to the wire, the tension is really heating up in the kitchen. Chef Ramsey expects each team to complete a dinner service with out any major catastrophes. The first competition was for each team to design a three course meal that totaled under 700 calories. Sabrina volunteered to be in control of the task due to the fact that she is very knowledgeable on health foods and knows how to calculate calories into a mean and still give it flavor. The blue team on the other hand, had trouble right from the get go and came in way over the required 700 calorie count. The blue team spent more than half the allotted time trying to put the courses together and succeeded with only 15 minutes to spare.

Both teams delivered a healthy, yet tasty, appetizer which earned them Chef Ramsey's approval and a point for each team. The next two dishes were another story. The red team delivered perfectly portioned plates with mouth watering flavor, which got high props from the Chef. The blue team got nothing but a laugh out of Chef Ramsey, as he commented on the child like portions and the very bland taste. The women conquered the men in this challenge and were awarded a nice day on Venice Beach with a professional volley ball player. The men only earned themselves a day full of food prepping, not only theirs, but the red team's as well. During the course of gathering ingredients, the blue team was forced to ride a bike to the market, which ultimately caused Robert to become short of breath and he was rushed to the hospital.

Dinner service was just as much of a disaster for the blue team as the earlier competition. Each team had their fair amount of troubles, but the blue team lacked communication and organization. With both teams struggling to get the entrees delivered, Chef Ramsey had no choice but to shut the kitchen down. That came as a big disappointment to the red team, as they have yet to complete one dinner service. Each team was asked to dsi entertainment bettingput up one nominee for elimination, although it was ultimately up to Chef Ramsey on who lacked the skill to become a professional chef. Chef Ramsey felt that despite the fact that Jim remained in line and one of his other team mates had been chosen, Jim's passion and determination had been deteriorating for some time now and his time could be better well spent somewhere other than the kitchen, so he was sent home.

With the finals right around the corner, completing a dinner service is the only way for a team to survive one more week. Which team will have the skill to complete one dinner service Chef Ramsey will be proud of? DSI Sportsbook has their predictions on who will be the last chef standing.


ARIEL +750





ANDY +450

TONY +750

DAVE +800


KEVIN +400

VAN +300

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