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Dr. Conrad Murray to be Charged with Manslaughter

Gambling News - August 28th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

dr. conrad murrayWhen the news came of the sudden death of pop star Michael Jackson, the world stood still. June 25th, 2009 is a day that will be remembered for many years to come, as the news was released that Michael Jackson had been pronounced dead, after being rushed to the hospital when he was found in a coma state in his Bell Air Manson. Since that very day, speculations have been flying high as to the real issue surrounding Jackson's death.

Soon after his death, investigations were launched into the foul play of medical physicians that were responsible for the care of Jackson. Despite the fact that many believed Jackson suffered from a serious drug addiction, the doctors that were hired by the Jackson family have a legal responsibility to keep Jackson health and well being a contributing factor when providing care. Some may argue the fact that Dr. Conrad Murray was simply a employee of Michael Jackson's but that does not discount the oath that Dr. Murray promised to obied by for the care of others.

After several weeks of reviewing the evidence surrounding Jackson's death, the L.A. County coroner’s office has officially ruled Jackson's death as a homicide. The one responsible for his death, none other than the very doctor that was responsible for the up keeping of Jackson's health, Dr. Conrad Murray. We can only assume that with his education and experience in the medical field, he knowingly administered a number of different medicines just hours before the tragedy took place,

While the world is at a loss for a musical icon, another man fights to defend his careless actions. The Jackson family has suffered a great deal with the loss of a son, father, friend, and brother, now they may possibly face the long days of a trial that will only pull salt in the fresh wounds. Justice will be served in one way or another and the legacy of the King of Pop will live on forever.

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