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Sports Gambling to Move Forward Unabated

Gambling News - August 6th, 2009 - Written by Glen

During the Summer months, sports gambling had become legalized in Delaware. This would be Delaware's second attempt at bringing land based sports gambling to the state. The first attempt, in the 1970's, was a dismal failure. The original scheme had included parlay type betting, which meant a bettor would place a wager spanning across three or more games. This time around Delaware has included single game betting, which caused the major leagues, led by the NFL, to raise a raucous and bring the issue to the courts.

The sports gambling was set to go into effect before the start of the NFL season. The NFL had hoped to have the sports gambling Bill over turned prior to the NFL season, but the courts have decided to postpone the court date until December. The opposing factions will meet in court on December 7th, giving Delaware residents almost an entire regular season's worth of sports betting. Hockey fans will also have a slew of NHL games on which to bet.

The only hope the NFL has to stop the sports lottery before the season is a court order to suspend the activity prior to the court date. While the case is pending, the plaintiff has the right to ask for the suspension, but this does not mean it will go underway.

The NFL is concerned with the integrity of the game, and thinks that legalized sports gambling in Delaware could have a negative impact on the game and potentially lead to corruption within the league. Opponents of the NFL, most notably the government of Delaware, have claimed these arguments to be invalid, primarily due to the fact that sports betting is a regular occurrence in both Las Vegas and the Internet.

Three of Delaware's casinos will be hosting the sports gambling scheme. September 1st is the reported launch date and players should expect to see the action start that day. The NFL regular season kicks off on September 10th, just nine days after the inclusion of sports gambling in Delaware. The NHL will resume their season October 1st, and the NBA will start October 27th. The MLB will also have the World Series before November 5th, giving fans of each league a chance to place bets on early, opening games or, in the case of the MLB, their major event.

The only advantage to the trial in December is that both sides of the issue have plenty of time to build a case. Both the Plaintiffs and the Defendant have months before they must submit their findings, giving plenty of opportunities to get the proverbial ducks in a row before they must argue their point.

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