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4 Contestants Remain in So You Think You Can Dance

Gambling News - August 4th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

The competition is coming to a end with contestants of So You Think You Can Dance and we are down to the final four. Kayla, Brandon, Jeanie, and Evan are battling it out to the end and giving us quite a show week after week. Kayla was a judges favorite right from the get go and has continued to impress them with her grace and dance skill that is second to none. As each contestant holds skills from different genres of dance, they are challenged week after week to incorporate their background into a dance routine that may be just a little out of their comfort zone.

Take Evan for instance, he has spent years doing Broadway and yet his best performance this season was during his hip hop routine. Several of the dancers have been able to have sucessful performances in other genres of dance but only the final four have pushed through week after week, still having a shot to be named winner of So You Think You Can Dance.

Did your favorite dancer have what it takes to make it to the end? DSI Sportsbook gives the best lines and odds on who will win this dance competition.

KAYLA     +175

BRANDON   +100

JEANINE   +175

EVAN      +150

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