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Massachusetts Proposes State Gambling Crime Laws

Gambling News - August 4th, 2009 - Written by Glen

As expanded gambling becomes a stronger reality in Massachusetts, state legislators, backed by law enforcement agents, are pushing for a new law to be built in order to empower existing laws to help with the regulation of different criminal activities potentially related to gambling. The crimes in question are wiretapping and organized crime.

Under the released statement, organized crime would cover a variety of issues. The movement of illegal objects, such as weapons and drugs, as well as human trafficking, were covered under the statement. Harsh penalties would be distributed by the state, if not by the federal government. Punishment would run no less than five years, but no higher than fifteen years. This is assuming the State picked up the charges, rather than deferring to the federal courts.

Wiretapping, in these days of advanced telecommunications, is another subject of the released statement. This section was more of an update to the archaic laws surrounding telecommunications. The explosion of the Internet, cellular phones, and other methods of communication has required laws to be updated to include these methods. The new laws would extend the time that law enforcement agencies had to monitor and examine the accused. Evidence collection periods would, under the preexisting laws, expire shortly after the requisite beuracratic actions had been completed.

Money Laundering was the final facet of the revisions. Money launderers, and those participating, would face no less than six years as a sentence, as well as a hefty $250,000 dollar fine. Repeat offenders would be punished even more harshly, as the law would require a minimum of two years, but no longer than eight years. The second or subsequent offense would also face a $500,000 dollar fine.

It is argued that gambling invites this sort of activity. The need for these laws is allegedly compounded by the increase in gambling, but it is assumed that these laws would do more good than harm, regardless of the reasons. The District Attorney, as well as law enforcement officials, are pushing for this new set of laws to be enacted.

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