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Jordan Takes Control of the Big Brother House

Gambling News - August 19th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

The finale of Big Brother is only weeks away and the competition continues to grow more intense week after week. Jeff was able to overturn this weeks eviction nominees by using his power of coup d'etat to nominate Jessie and Natalie for elimination. Jessie and Natalie have been a strong alliance since the beginning of the show and it was time to break up this strong duo. Jeff, who has a strong alliance with Russel, was able to persuade other house guests to get rid of Jessie. Chima soon followed Jessie out of the house after being evicted by Big Brother producers. Chima leaving the Big Brother house was certainly unexpected, but a long time in the coming.

A second Head of Household competition left Jordan with the key to the house and the security of knowing she is safe from elimination for one more week. Jordan winning HOH was certainly a plus for some of the players, and not so much for others. By winning HOH Jordan holds a lot of power in her hands and at this stage in the game, the competitions are crucial. Being that house guests are cut off from all communication from the outside world, Jordan was most excited about her win because she now receives a letter from home that she had been waiting a long time to read. Jordan is very close with her family and was very emotional when reading the letter her family sent her.

At this stage in the game, the head of household competition could very well determine which players are going home, without even having to conduct a vote. Some alliances are going strong and other house guests have found themselves with to many bridges burned and no one to rely on. Breaking up Jessie and Natalie has been a plan in the works for sometime and now with the power in hand, Jordan has the opportunity to finish the job. Natalie is a very strong player, so it was no surprise when she was put on the block along side of Lydia. Lydia has been put up for eviction time and time again but somehow manages to last one more week. Maybe she is just part of the plan to get the real competitors out the door. Lydia may be just flying low enough under the radar, that she is able to convince other house guests that she is not a real threat. Maybe Lydia has been the one to watch all along. Will she last another week?

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