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Tony Romo Looking for Love

Gambling News - August 17th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

Tony Romo is a face we have seen a lot of over the past year and not just from watching him play in the NFL. Tony Romo, up until recently, has been involved with Jessica Simpson. Their romance ended just shy of her 29th birthday back in July. Although the two seemed like a match made in heaven, something was steering Tony down a different path. Both have careers that demand a lot of time and travel, which can take a tole on any relationship. Neither have commented on what exactly went wrong between them but both appear to be very heartbroken over situation.

Women on the other hand, couldn't be happier. Tony Romo would be quite the catch for any lucky lady. Tony is a young professional athlete that makes more money in a year than most people make their entire life. From what we can tell about him personally, he appears to be a stand up guy who just happens to be wealthy, good looking, famous and recently single. Tony will not remain single for long. He seems like he enjoys the dating scene and wants to find a leading lady of his own. Your average every day girls do not stand a chance to some of the actresses most would see with someone like Tony Romo. It is common for celebrities to move on to a new relationship rather quickly after a very public separation.

DSI Sportsbook has a few ideas of their own as to which actress he will date next. It is only a matter of time before we catch a glimpse of the his new lady sitting in the stands cheering him on at a Dallas game.


MALIA JONES        +450

OLIVIA MUNN        +500

AMY ADAMS          +350

KRISTEN BELL       +500

MEGAN FOX          +350


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