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Chima's Time at the Big Brother House is Over

Gambling News - August 18th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

We all expect a little drama to be had in the Big Brother house, but this seasons crew had taken drama to a whole new level. Many thought that Chima was a loose cannon from the very start of the show. Time and time again, she displayed uncontrollable anger towards other guests and seemed to be over dramatic about everything that happens in the house. Chima has let her emotions get the best of her with almost every disagreement she has had with house guests. This week proved to be one temper tantrum ended with her being ejected from the Big Brother house.

Chima apparently woke up from her nap one day on the wrong side of her bed. She walked out of the house without her microphone, ignoring the querulous producers as they tried to get her to put the microphone back on. She then received assistance from Kevin, who was trying to smooth over the situation by bringing her her microphone. Chima still refused to play by the rules and threw the microphone into the hot tub. Despite the fact that she destroyed property, the producers tried yet again to convince Chima to abide by the rules and wear her microphone. She once again refused to cooperate, and the result was Chima being removed from the show. If her actions were a result of her being done with the show and wanting a way out, then surely other players would have been happy to vote her off the show so that she could leave with some shred of dignity. What ever her reasons may be, she has made season 11 of Big Brother one to remember.

Now that we know Chima is out of the running to win Big Brother season 11, the question remains as to who plays the game well enough to make it all the way to the end. DSI Sportsbook has made some predictions of their own, leaving fans and sports bettors alike a chance to get into the action.

JORDAN LLOYD        +800




LYDIA TAVERA        +800



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