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Illinois Coin Machine Operators Association Weighs in on Slots

Gambling News - August 19th, 2009 - Written by Glen

The law allowing slot type gaming machines to be incorporated into different businesses in Illinois has been under heavy fire lately, and this is due in part to the fact that the law would entitle local municipalities to ban the machines from their jurisdictions. Several counties, most recently DuPage County, have already over turned the idea, deeming it unsafe. The Illinois Coin Machine Operators Association, or ICMOA, has released a statement regarding their choice to remove gaming from their boundaries.

"DuPage County's ban in unincorporated areas, and similar actions by communities like Rosemont and Country Club Hills, seem to be based more on myths about gaming than on rational consideration of the facts," said Tom Fiedler, current president of the ICMOA.

Peoria County is another of the jurisdictions seeking bans, but several board members have decided to suspend judgement until a study on potential gains and risks could be analyzed. The myths may help them in their pursuit for knowledge, assuming they have not yet completed their research.

One of the main concerns throughout the state is whether or not pathological gambling would arise from the convenience of the slots. According to the ICMOA, the Government Accountability Office released a study that found no link between convenience gambling and pathological gambling, crime, nor bankruptcy. Crime was also a major issue, as many are under the impression that criminal activity may increase along with crimes. In truth, violent crime has been declining in the United States, and studies have also shown that no link between gambling and criminal activity was found. Sadly,  the criminal activity was already there.

Other myths are founded more on the financial impact that these slot type games may hold. Many are of the opinion that the businesses refusing these games will find no negative impact upon their revenues, though the fact of the matter is that people who wish to utilize the machines may be more inclined to travel to the establishments who have incorporated machines as part of their businesses.

The Illinois Gaming Board had also received criticism, as popular belief is that the IGB will not be able to regulate the video gaming industry in Illinois. The opposite is the truth, however, as the IGB has "earned high marks for its ability to regulate other legalized gaming industries in Illinois.

Popular belief can seriously impact the way government and legislation turns out. Unfortunately, popular belief can be very wrong, as is the case with the Illinois gambling ventures. The Illinois gambling plan is not a new concept throughout the US, though many are of the opinion only a few select states, such as New Jersey and Nevada, have gambling choices. New York, Montana, Louisiana, Florida, and Pennsylvania have all had their budgets augmented by the incorporation of slot type gambling. Feidler had stated that the "financial pressures facing the state" may be eased as the slot games are added in the municipalities that will not be banning the machines out right.

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