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Baby Season is Booming in the Entertainment Industry

Gambling News - August 21st, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

Baby season is booming in the entertainment world and we can not help but wonder who is next on the list to become a daddy. Celebrity marriages come and go much like the seasons do, and short lived relationships are common but sometimes turn out a longer commitment than they might of expected. We are constantly reading up on the celebrity gossip that reveals the who's who and which couples have turned friendship into something more. It is always nice to hear of the relationships that make it to the alter, and even more enjoyable to hear that there will be an addition to the family.

Unexpected pregnancies can be complicated enough and when you add the pressure of the media that celebrities have to endure, it can sometimes not be a joyous occasion. The recent news of Kourtney Kardashian's pregnancy started a lot of speculation as to how the situation would be handled. Kourtney has stated that she has thought through this situation very carefully and discussed all her options with her physician. She has recently reconciled with Scott Disick, the father of the baby, and is receiving a great deal of support from friends and family.

Kourtney is one of the many that may be faced with a unplanned pregnancy this year, but there are many happy couples that wait to hear the good news of an addition to the family. We can generally pick out the baby bumps in pictures and as much as they try to keep the news a secret, it is not long before the news is leaked and all over the magazines. After all, it would not be gossip if it came from the couples mouth, now would it? We often hear of baby plans from the females, but its the men's reaction that draw the real attention.

Living up the single life can be fun, almost too fun at times. There are a lot of single bachelors out there that would be a good catch for any woman. So good, that these bachelors need to watch just how much fun they are having because it could very well result in a longer commitment than they anticipated on the first date. We, as regular people, love to hear the jaw dropping gossip and look forward to the news of the next celebrity bachelor to become a daddy.

DSI Sportsbook has a list of the odds on the next celebrity bachelor most likely to become a daddy and its just a matter of time before it is confirmed in the tabloids.


SHIA LABEOUF       +400

CHRIS PINE         +500


COMMON   +500





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