Betting On 2009 NFL MVP Already Taking Place At BetED

NFL News - July 30th, 2009 - Written by Jimmy

As the 2009 NFL season approaches, fans are on edge waiting for action to begin. They are ready to see some bone crunching hits, and great play on the field. Good news, the preseason isn't very far away, and NFL Betting is already in full swing.

Right now, fans are making their way, to online sportsbooks, in order to place their bets on NFL predictions. These predictions range from Who Will Win Super Bowl XLIV to things like Over/Under team totals, for number of wins in the 2009 regular season. If bettors call these bets right, they stand to make a lot of money.

Sometimes, these bets can be extremely hard, for instance, BetED is taking bets on which NFL players will be the League MVP for the 2009 season. Normally, betting before the NFL season usually only takes place on teams, but in rare cases, you can bet on individuals, and whether or not they will accomplish certain achievements. Winning the NFL MVP is quite an achievement, something only the best players accomplish.

Within this bet, you can expect the usual suspects. Previous MVPs, such as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner and LaDainian Tomlinson, are all on the list, as potential favorites. BetED also has other players, long shots, posted with their odds to win. They even have bets, if you really want to go outside the box, which allow you to bet on every other player, which they do not currently have lines on. These lines will only be posted for a short while, so let's take a look at what they offer, in alphabetical order.

Aaron Rodgers +2800
Adrian Peterson +925
Andre Johnson +4700
Anquan Boldin +4800
Ben Rothlisberger +1100
Brandon Jacobs +2800
Brian Westbrook +2800
Carson Palmer +2000
Clinton Portis +3700
DeAngelo Williams +3600
Donovan McNabb +1200
Drew Brees +950
Eli Manning +1600
Frank Gore +3400
Jay Cutler +2700
Kurt Warner +1000
LaDainian Tomlinson +1400
Larry Fitzgerald +1100
Marion Barber +2800
Matt Forte +2800
Matt Ryan +1400
Michael Turner +2800
Peyton Manning +425
Philip Rivers +1000
Randy Moss +1400
Reggie Wayne +3800
Steve Smith +3700
Steven Jackson +2400
Terrell Owens +2000
Tom Brady +425
Tony Romo +1100
Willie Parker +2700
Rest Of The Field +750

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