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Lovely leaves Hell's Kitchen

Gambling News - August 6th, 2009 - Written by Glen

Chef Ramsey is at it again with a new season of Hell's Kitchen. This season has brought out some amazing cooking talent, well so we thought. As the weeks go by we are seeing chef after chef break under pressure. The red team took control of the sausage challenge and turned in 2 more links than the blue team. Robert and Jim were teamed up together and managed to not turn out any sausage links. That did not make Robert happy, to say the least. Robert expressed his disappointment in the team by yelling at the top of his lungs and stomping around the dorm. The blue team was forced to clean each and every part of the dorm while the red team enjoyed a day out on the town, German style. A day full of German sausage and beer, ended up being the perfect reward for the red team.

At dinner service, it started off a little rocky. One contestant from each team was appointed to go into the dinning room and greet guests with a sample piece of whats to come in tonight's dinner service. Jim moved in his typical slow motion as he greeted guests, which kept the blue team at a stand still and not able to send out the appetizers. From their we saw both teams pick up a little action moving on to entrees. It was head to head right up to the final ticket. It was down to the sides and with Lovely at a dead stand still and loosing focus, the blue team was able to win dinner service and avoid elimination.

After careful consideration, it was decided that Lovely's cooking in the kitchen, was not so Lovely and she was sent home. With one more chef gone, we get one step closer to finding out who will make it to the end. DSI sportsbook has the odds on who will be the last chef standing.

AMANDA  +775

TEK     +850

ARIEL   +950




ROBERT   +850

ANDY     +650

TONY     +950

DAVE     +1000

JIM      +1000

JOSEPH   +800

KEVIN    +1000

Van      +500

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