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Emmy Nominations are Out

Gambling News - August 7th, 2009 - Written by Bonnie

The 2009 Emmy nominations are out and we are in for a stiff race in several of the categories. Our generation has really taken a liking to reality shows and we just can't seem to get enough of them. Just when you think they have run out of ideas, out comes a new one. Whats so entertaining about these reality shows is they are about real people. Real people doing what it takes to make a change in their life. Although there is usually a hefty prize involved, more times than you would expect, peoples lives are often changed in a positive way just simply through the experience.

Some of the top reality shows on today have consistently impressed us year after year with entertaining twists. Generally the reality shows that have become such a hit are those that deal with competitions such as American Idol and the Amazing Race. Another one we seem to hear a lot about is Dancing With The Stars. Because the contestants are famous names that we are continuously hearing about, it keeps people watching and draws them in right up to the very last episode, in hopes that your favorite star has danced his or her way into the finals. Each and every reality show draws in all types of fans. Fans that do not really like the show but can't seem to turn the channel, fans who have dreamed of being where other contestants are in the game, and those who just love the drama of reality TV.

For the contestants, winning the prize is what the game is all about, however for the directors, creators, and producers, its about being acknowledged for all the hard work. One of the most honorable mentions is that of the Emmy's. Winning a prestigious award such as a Emmy is certainly something to be proud of and definitely looks good on a resume. With the Emmy's right around the corner, we found one category on BetED Sportsbook that will by far be one of the toughest competitions we have seen in Reality TV in awhile.

Dancing With The Stars    +140     
The Amazing Race           +150     
Project Runway                +200     
Top Chef                          +250     
American Idol                   +300

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