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Y.E. Yang Pays Huge For Bettors At 125/1 Odds

Sports Betting News - August 17th, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

The 37-year-old Y.E. Yang was far from a favorite to win the 91st PGA Championship in Minnesota this weekend. In fact he was a 125:1 favorite to win at Hazeltine Golf course this weekend, but yet, there he was holding his golf bag over his head at the end of the day. That's right after winning one, of only four majors this season, the first thing Yang could think of doing, was grabbing his heavy golf bag and thrusting it over his head in victory. I guess this is a Seoul, South Korean territory celebration dance, Seoul South Korea is where Yang was born, and where he calls home.

Entering the final round of play on Sunday, yang was a surprisingly -2 under leader Tiger Woods, and all the critics chalked this one up to Woods for sure. Tiger had never lost a Major championship after holding the lead going into the final round of play. The critics were disappointed again, finding out that this weekend would be the first time Tiger Woods would lose after leading an event on the third day, his prior record was 14-14 after holding on to the lead.

This was the first time Tiger Woods has ever played with Y.E. Yang, and that may have played a factor in the outcome. Last year was Yang's first season on the PGA Tour, and Yang failed to qualify for a tournament that Featured Tiger Woods. Yang and Tiger played in nine tournament events together this year, but Yang failed to record a lower round than Tiger in each opportunity. It seemed that since Tiger has never played in the same grouping as Yang, it might have changed how Tiger approached each shot. In any case Tiger did not putt well, and many critics recognize Tiger as losing the event, and not Yang as winning the event.

However the facts show other wise, Tiger shot +3 in the final round on Sunday, and Yang destroyed the Golf course in the final round shooting a -2 under. No other player shot better than -2 under in the final round on Sunday. For those lucky fans that decided for some reason to bet on Yang, they received a huge pay out. As you can see from BetED sportsbook, the odds are at 125:1 which are some of the highest odds available in this weekends event, and some Korean sports gambler had to take yang in this one. Yang also became the first ever Asian to win a major event on the PGA Tour. His excitement was evident win he lifted the Wanamaker Trophy, the heaviest trophy in all of sports, at 27 pounds. At the age of 37, it will be entertaining to fallow the rest of Yang's career. He looked poised to win the tournament, and never looked nervous playing against Tiger. In Fact he looked cool as a cucumber, especially when he hit a hybrid 3 iron, over a tree, and landed the ball three feet from the pin, one putting the final hole in his first ever Major victory.

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