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Usain Bolt Shatters 100m World Record

Sports Betting News - August 17th, 2009 - Written by Bruce

Track fans were wondering how fast sprinter Usain Bolt could have run had he not slowed down in last year's Olympic final. In yesterday's 100m finals at the world championships, Bolt blew away the competition in a remarkable time of 9.58 seconds. This lowered his own world record time of 9.69 seconds, which he set at last year's Beijing Olympics. There was plenty of build up heading into yesterdays race, as track fans were eager to see American sprinter Tyson Gay go head to head with Bolt. Gay was injured during the Olympics last year, and some people speculated that he may actually be able to defeat the Olympic champion. When the two finally met up in yesterday's final, Gay was unable to keep pace as the Jamaican Bolt proved he is indeed the world's fastest man.

Usain Bolt is proving he is the fastest runner in history, as he now owns the three fastest 100m times ever run. The Jamaican phenom is also the 200m world record holder, by way of his 19.30 time he ran at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In that race, he broke the the 12 year world record held by American sprinter Michael Johnson. With Bolt's amazing 100m run yesterday, he lowered the 100m world record by .11 seconds. This was the biggest change in the world record since electronic time started back in 1968. After crossing the finish line, Bolt did his usual pose when he spread his arms out wide as if he was soaring like a bird. When asked about how fast he thinks he can run, Bolt stated, "I know I said 9.4. You never know. I'll just keep on working." Bolt is about to turn 23 years old, which means he still has plenty of years left in his prime to lower the record even more. It is scary to think how fast he is capable of running before his career is over.

Overshadowed by Bolt's amazing performance was Tyson Gay, who finished the race in an American record time of 9.71 seconds. If he was racing against any field in history that did not contain Bolt, his time would have easily won him the gold. Unfortunately for Gay, the third fastest legal time in history was only good enough to win the silver yesterday. Even though his time of 9.71 was also a historic time, he never appeared to have a chance to overtake the Jamaican. Bolt was in complete control of the race from about 20 meters on. His long strides just separated him from the field, and he crossed the finish line a few steps ahead of his American rival. When asked about Usain Bolt's performance after the race, Tyson Gay commented, "I've been telling you someone could run 9.5. I'm happy he did it, it showed a human can take it to another level. Unfortunately, I wasn't the one to do it , but I still have confidence I can do it one day." Yesterday's historic race was an amazing display of what the two fastest runners in the world are capable of. Hopefully both Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay will remain healthy, so fans will be treated to other amazing races such as yesterday's 100m final.

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