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USA Soccer Tries to Win it's first Match Against Mexico, In Mexico

Sports Betting News - August 11th, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

The United States Men's Soccer team will play another qualifying match for the Concacaf World Cup South Africa, against Mexico on Wednesday. This match will take place on Mexican soil, at Azteca Stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico. The United States soccer team has compiled a pitiful record of 0-22-1, against the Mexican national team, in 23 match's on Mexican soil. The United States soccer team has played well in qualifying so far, and should find a spot in the World Cup South Africa tournament if they do lose on Wednesday.

The USA soccer team has already claimed victory in a qualifying game against Spain earlier this summer, and many soccer critics regard Spain as one of the top three teams in all of International soccer. The win against Spain brought new attention to the USA soccer team, and after their win against Spain, they earned a match versus Brazil. Brazil is long thought of as the best soccer team in all of the world. Well the USA soccer team almost pulled off the victory, after scoring 3 goals, to Brazil's 0 goals in the first half, Brazil went on to tie the game, and later win. Mexico lost a World Cup Qualifier earlier this summer as well, their loss came against the Guatemala International soccer team.

Their are four International teams in the same qualifying group as the United States soccer team. Costa Rica is the leader in the group with 12 points so far in qualifying match's, and the USA soccer team is currently in second place with 10 points. Mexico is in the fourth spot of the grouping, and Honduras has managed to find it's self in the third spot. The last time Mexico and USA played each other, the Mexican team won the game with a final score of 5-0, that came in the Concacaf Gold Cup final earlier this summer on July 26. The United states did not have a full roster in that loss against Mexico, and team Captain Landon Donovan did not even travel for the game. Head coach of the USA soccer team, Bob Bradley, will likely play a roster of Americans that will all play in the South Africa World Cup tournament. The closest America came to a victory against Mexico, in Mexico, was in 1997, in a 0-0 Draw, in a FIFA World Cup qualifier.

The USA soccer team will have to play against a host of obstacles, to get it's first ever win in Azteca Stadium. The stadium will hold 100,000 Mexican fans, all waving yello and green towels, and blowing on the infamous plastic soccer horns. Not to mention the difficulty of the altitude in Mexico City, and the poor quality of air, do to the industrial movement that affects the Mexican environment. FIFA.com reports Landon Donovan said this about the upcomming match "They use all of the outside influences to their advantage, but that's not an excuse anymore for us. We're not going to use it as an excuse,"  he continued "we're not going for a point" and later said "We're going there to win the game and we're going to keep playing the way we're playing."

The established online sportsbook, Bodog, has the Mexico soccer team as a -115 favorite to win, and the USA soccer team is a +280 underdog. The Draw line, incase the final score of the game ends in a tie, is set at +235. This game will take place Wednesday August 12, 2009 at 4:00 p.m..

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