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Tiger Woods Performs well Again On Day Three Of The Buick Open

Sports Betting News - August 1st, 2009 - Written by Ryan Smith

After shooting a terrible 71, just one under par, and recording three bogie's on the first day and first round of play. Tiger Woods destroyed Warrcik Hills golf course, with a 63, 9 under second round score card. Tiger managed to get two birdies on the first two holes, fallowed by an Eagle on the 3rd hole, and than two more birdies on the 4th and 5th holes. Tiger moved up into the top 5 players in contention to win the 2009 Buick Open, with yesterdays second round play.

The leader of the tournament to start the third round of play is John Senden, Senden shoot a 64 on Thursday and a 66 on Friday morning, and leads the tournament at -14 under. Tiger entered Saturdays third round of play at -10 under just four strokes behind the leader and tied for 5th. Tiger put his foot down on Friday and established him self as a serious contender to win the tournament come Sunday afternoon. This is the last year, Buick will sponsor Tiger on the tour and it looks like Woods wants to take advantage of the situation at-hand and win the tournament.

Tiger started the third round play Saturday morning, in similar fashion to how he started Fridays second round of play. After parring the first hole a par 5, Tiger began to gain ground once again, with birdies on the second, third, and fourth holes of the day. Getting Tiger to -3 under before the fifth hole. Tiger continued his success while chasing the leader John Senden, by adding two more birdies to his score card on the 7th hole, the 12th hole,and the 13th hole, and recorded just one bogey so far on the par 3, 8th hole.

Tiger continued to have difficulty placing the ball in the fair way with his driver in the third round. However he managed to place second shots on or near the green on almost every attempt today. Tiger was two strokes behind leader Michael Letzig before teeing off on the 16th hole, after a birdie, he walked up to the 17th hole, the last par three of the day. Tiger smashed the ball off the tee placing it 30 feet from the flag, and was visibly unhappy with the shot as he walked to the green. After reviewing the 30 foot putt for some time Tiger addressed the put, and sunk the 30 footer showing his first signs of emotion, with a Tiger Woods fist pump. Tiger was tied for the lead at -17 under on that putt. Tiger than fallowed that effort with a terrible drive on the 18th tee, leading to a second shot into the bunker. Tiger pared the 18th hole and finished -17 under going into the last round of play Sunday. Tiger finished the day just one stroke behind Michael letzig who is -18 under on the 16th hole at the moment.

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