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Tallahassee Boxer Fights for IBF Light Heavyweight Championship

Sports Betting News - August 28th, 2009 - Written by Glen

tavoris cloudAugust 28th marks a crucial moment in the career of Tavoris Cloud. He will have a shot at the Light Heavyweight Championship against Clinton Woods, who held the title between 2005 and 2008.

Tavoris, a native of Tallahassee, has a success record of 19-0, with 18 knockouts to his name. Cloud, 27, is aiming for his first shot at a title, 11 years after he started showing an interest in boxing. He has been on the professional circuit since he was 21, and his impressive fight record is justified by his talent and ability.

Clinton Woods is an England born boxer who is 10 year's Cloud's senior. Cloud's title fight record stands at 5-3, with 2 knockouts. His entire career holds 42 victories, four losses, and two knockouts.

Cloud stands at 5'10, while Woods tops him at 6'2. Both fighters are of equal weight, though Cloud is up on him by a half pound. Their age gap may make a difference, though it falls back down to youth versus experience. Neither player currently holds the belt, meaning they both have nothing to lose and an insurmountable glory to gain.

Statistically speaking, Cloud has the upper hand. He out ranks Woods in power, and both are, on paper, tied in speed and defense. Intangibles give Woods the higher rank, and Cloud may not be able to overcome Clinton's heart and determination.

Cloud is the type of fighter who breaks defense, delivering powerful blows. As the damage dealt racks up, his opponents tend to drop. His only TKO occurred in the tenth round, with most of his other bouts ending before the climax of the fifth round. Woods will have to guard himself thoroughly if he hopes to out last the younger boxer. Woods will have to hit hard and true if he expects to emerge from this fight as the victor.

It has been roughly a year since Cloud has fought, and he has been training ever since. The young pugilist is renowned for his dedication to his training. He put in hours a day, running in the summer heat of South Florida. In addition to the running, he would also spar with Lafarrell Bunting, another contender in his weight class. They would stand off for four rounds, wearing 18 ounce gloves.

The Englishman's experience, height, and reach will be his main assets in the fight against Cloud. The reach and height may be negated by Cloud's "in-your-face" style of fighting. By staying in close, he will remove the benefit of extra size that Woods is able to utilize.

Though it seems both fighters are, statistically speaking, relatively even, odds makers have put Cloud as the favored. BetUS lists Tavoris with -350 odds, while Cloud has +250. Their over/under is 9.5 rounds, with the over as the favored with -150.

The fight is set for 8 p.m. tonight, and should invariably turn out to be as explosive as it is epic. While Woods has won belts in time long gone, Cloud is the young hotshot with everything to prove. Fans from Tallahassee are undoubtedly quivering with excitement, though the entire nation's worth of fans should tune into what is promising to be one of the best fights of the year.

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