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"Shaq Vs." Debut Pits Shaq Vs. Roethlisberger

Sports Betting News - August 19th, 2009 - Written by Glen

With the surging popularity of reality TV, it is no wonder that Shaq, who is regarded is one of the most talented athletes in the world, has received his own show on ABC. "Shaq Vs." had its debut on August 18th, and the game was a scrimmage of football with Shaq battling Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.

The show consisted of much smack talk between the two, all before a quick game involving two star athletes in their respective sport. The mini-game pit Shaq as a quarterback from the 20 yard line, while Ben would start from the 40. With three possessions each, the two tried to score as much as possible. After the hour long episode, Roethlisberger took victory with a 21 to 14 score.

Roethlisberger had also overcome Shaq in a game of HORSE.

The show will continue in a similar format, and should serve as a training ground for the 7'1" basketball star. Future match ups include a swimming meet with Michael Phelps, a tennis match with star Serena Williams, a bout with Oscar De La Hoya, and several other athletes in their games. The next show will be a volleyball match against Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor.

Shaq, 37, may be seeing his last season in the NBA, and his increasing age has made the game hard on his knees. All of the competitions that will take place on "Shaq Vs." will emphasize safety, and should help to prepare the athlete for the upcoming season with the Cavaliers. The LeBron-Shaq connection is bound to win some games, but Shaq will have to watch his body in the upcoming show. As far as the pugilism goes, De La Hoya may have his work cut out for him with the basketball star towering a full 15 inches taller.

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